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Programs & Initiatives


Brunch with Brothers

Brunch with Brothers is a mentorship program that aims to help the young male students in our community. Mentees will meet monthly with a group of mentors to eat, fellowship, work on leadership skills, and so much more.


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Support and Guidance


Embrace It believes in the saying "lt Takes A Village." This program will be open to the village (students as well as their families) to address financial literacy and wealth-building. Families can also apply for stipends to support other programs they may want to participate in or extracurricular activities. Soft skills training around resume writing, job application assistance, and mock interviews will also be accessible.  


Education Matters 

Often, bad decision-making results from a child believing they do not have an abundance of choices or opportunities. Education Matters shifts this perception by providing participants free tutoring from local volunteer educators and students. Students will also complete college visits, scholarship applications, and job shadowing opportunities. 

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